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Michael Seringer

Senior Technology Professional

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iOS App

I led the team who developed the FitBank iPhone app. The app currently supports over 5,000 users who are taking part in fitness related incentives programs in Northern CA.

FitBank is available in iTunes

FitBank in the News

Fitness app FitBank

LifeLoop.live- Beta

web | database

My team has built this dynamic, data-driven social media site for a group of entrepreneurs looking to create an exciting new ecosystem supporting faith based groups.

social media site screen To top

You' An Hospital

Android App

Directed the development team tasked to create an Android app that improved engagement and tracking of infectious disease patients in Beijing, China

Android App for You An Hospital China

more You' An Screens

Responsive Dashboard - Healthcare

Web | Data

Directed the development team tasked to build a responsive and secure, analytics dashboard to support community healthcare workers in the field

healthcare analytics dashboard

MyOwnMed - Healthcare

Android | iOS

Architect of the MyOwnMed patient engagement ecosystem (web, mobile, data). MyOwnMed specializes in providing patient relationship management solutions via its SaaS products.

patient engagement

Back-end Dashboard Managing User Engagement

Data Visualizations

User engagement is managed through and administrator dashboard including custom data analytics and visualizations built by my team.

patient engagement data visualization